If Your Breasts Is Not Healthy Enough, Not To Mention Being Full And Sexy! Not Everyone Is Angelina Jolie.

By Earl D. Brookes JUL 16, 2023
in  Medical Tech

Not all women want a pair of 36 DDD breasts, but all definitely wish for a healthy pair of breasts. And after that, have breasts like these:

Angelina Jolie made headlines when she publicly shared her decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy in an op-ed piece published in The New York Times.

Her choice was driven by the fact that she carried a genetic mutation known as BRCA1, which significantly increased her risk of developing breast cancer.

And the ANGELINA EFFECT is still on the way!

Dr. Charlotte WF, a general practitioner who graduated from Harvard Medical School, has always been dedicated to researching methods for women's breast health. She has visited numerous Eastern countries to explore ancient techniques such as acupoint massage and breast migration.

However, it was a BIG BOY who truly helped her find a solution for women and herself.

Davis Is No More A MOM

When Dr. Charlotte met Davis, his weight was 307 pounds, and he struggled with significant breast development, with one breast noticeably larger than the other.

This condition, known as gynecomastia, resulted from lymphatic blockage and hormonal imbalance, mainly caused by gene, diet massive in salt and oil, constantly stay-up and official long-time sitting.

Constantly being mistaken for a woman due to his abnormal breast development brought immense shame to Davis. He was desperated for being called "Mom Davis".

EMS Therapy Helped

However, under the guidance of Dr. Charlotte, he underwent a transformative journey. The utilization of the latest EMS bioelectric therapy targeting chest acupoints not only restored normalcy to his chest but also led to a remarkable weight loss of 50 pounds.

The therapy not only cleared blockages in his breasts but also revitalized his entire lymphatic system, significantly improving overall body circulation and reducing toxin accumulation.

Driven by a deep concern for women's health and well-being, Dr. Charlotte set her sights on applying this therapy to address common issues experienced by women, including breast swelling, asymmetry, sagging, and breast diseases caused by lymphatic blockage and hormonal changes.

Harvard Looks For Solution

Harvard Medical School recognized the significance of this breakthrough and established the "CupRose" project, investing $50 million to study the potential benefits and optimal methods of using EMS bioelectric therapy for breast lymphatic drainage and maintenance.

● Stable Bioelectric Current From Piezoelectric Crystals

The team employs piezoelectric crystals to provide precise microcurrents, ensuring optimal results. The crystal oscillator has been modified to be oven-controlled, guaranteeing the delivery of a safer and more stable bioelectric current.

● Combined Neuron Systematics and Acupuncture

Thorough fromer investigations into acupoints in traditional Eastern practices gives this team more solutions to find out the exact current location map. They combined these two field to find that the key points showed surprising consistency and led to the incorporation of an automatic detection system for acupoints and breast adjustment. This intelligent feature ensures optimal positioning and effectiveness during each use.

● Combined Heating & Heat-Conductive Materials

Gentle heat penetrates deep into the breast tissue, stimulating the blood vessels and encouraging a healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients to the area.

Materials used include carbon fiber and ceramic that generate heat when an electrical current is applied, for their ability to distribute heat evenly and efficiently, providing a soothing and comfortable warming sensation for stimulating breast blood circulation. 

After extensive research and development, Dr. Charlotte and her team successfully created CupRose™—an EMS acupoint massage bra. This innovative product combines the power of bioelectric microcurrents, ancient massage techniques, and size adjustment to promote breast health, address asymmetry, change breast size, and enhance fullness.

What Dr. Charlotte Insisted

It was found that 7 out of 10 women experience breast swelling, asymmetry, sagging, and even breast diseases caused by lymphatic blockages and hormonal changes. These conditions can significantly impact a woman's self-esteem and overall well-being.

For Dr. Charlotte recognized that CupRose™ is not merely a tool to relocate fat for breast shaping. Rather, it aims to meet the diverse desires of women by simultaneously promoting better overall health while promoting breast sizes that align with their aesthetics. 

Based on the remarkable outcomes witnessed during a month-long experiment involving 10,000 volunteers dissatisfied with their breast conditions, an astounding 98.59% of women who wore CupRose™ reported relief from their breast-related concerns.

How Much Does It Cost?

CupRose™ has been proven in the market over the years and is recognized by all users who have tried it. Instead of paying expensive treatments for an effect-unknown plan, you can get visible results enough with the lowest cost.

This special limited-time online offer is aims to help more people get out of the troublesome experiences of breasts. So they gave a limited time discount of 70% on their official website!

But actually it may be cancelled at any time due to the requirements of Harvard, who view it as a academic research achievement but not a business. The sooner you use it, the sooner you can take it off. Get 70% OFF with 30-day money-back guarantee. Feel free to buy!

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